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Students of the Academy will come to the contest in Lausanne

Two representatives of Vaganova Ballet Academy will participate in ballet contest Prix de Lausanne, which will take place from January 28 till February 04, 2018 a 46th time.

Ervin Zagidullin, a student of level 8 (teacher - Fethon Miozzi) and Davide Loricchio, an international trainee from Italy (teacher - Fethon Miozzi) passed the first tour of the contest and has joined the list of 78 participants of the next tour. Three hundred eighty dancers from 38 countries of the world participated in the first audition tour.

Эрвин Загидуллин Давиде Лориккио

Ervin Zagidullin and  Davide Loricchio.

Nutcracker as expression of support for charity

On December 1 charity event Hermitage combines friends was held in Hermitage theatre. Following the tradition, students of Vaganova Ballet Academy participated in the charity event.

In an event program prepared for children with disabilities was a concert, where our students performed the third act of the ballet Nutcracker (choreography by V. Vaynonen).

Before the start of concert Artistic Director of the Academy Zhanna Ayupova and General Director of the Association of public organizations 'Great Bear', Aleksandr Zimin has had a speech to welcome guests.

Ж.Аюпова и А. Зимин
Zhanna Ayupova and Aleksandr Zimin.

"Щелкунчик" в Эрмитажном театре

"Щелкунчик" в Эрмитажном театре

"Щелкунчик" в Эрмитажном театре

"Щелкунчик" в Эрмитажном театре

"Щелкунчик" в Эрмитажном театре

"Щелкунчик" в Эрмитажном театре

Photo by V/ Vasiliev.

Head of the Imperial House of Russia the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia visited the VBA

On November 10 the Head of the Imperial House of Russia the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia visited the Vaganova Ballet Academy and was acquainted with the history of the oldest choreographic school in Russia. She visited one of the male classes at the VBA and presented the medal “In Memory of the 400th Anniversary of the House of Romanoff, 1613-2013” to the Rector of the Academy Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

Николай Цискаридзе и Великая княгиня Мария Владимировна

На уроке в Академии

Со студентами Академии

Вручение медали

Photos by V. Vasiliev.

Ballet teacher of Léa Thomasson has visited the Academy

Bénédicte Windsor ballet teacher and founder of the centre Artys (Annecy, France) has visited the Vaganova Ballet Academy today to meet Professor Marina Vasilieva who was a pedagogue of Léa Thomasson at the Academy (Bénédicte Windsor was one of the teachers of Lea Thomasson in France). Léa has completed her training program for International students at the Academy this summer and got an invitation to join the Mariinsky Ballet. Now she can be seen on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Bénédicte Windsor with Marina Vasilieva and her students.

Bénédicte Windsor with Marina Vasilieva and her students (7/II).

Photo by V. Vasiliev.

International trainees of the Academy are in demand by Russian theatres

Every year students from all around the world arrive at Vaganova Ballet Academy to study on the International Trainee program. Fourteen trainees of the Academy got certificates in 2017, some of them were invited to join Russian theatres. For example, Alexander Lewis Blend has joined Yacobson Ballet Theatre; Lea Thomasson (France) and Raul Ferreira (Spain) was invited by Mariinsky theatre; Oscar Frame (Great Britain) - by Moscow Bolshoi theatre.

In his interview for Oscar Frame told: 'The invitation from the Bolshoi was quite overwhelming. Graduating and getting job offers had been something I had thought about and imagined for so long that I couldn’t quite believe it was real. Then, when I had offers from other companies as well, I just had a sudden sense of vertigo. I talked to my parents who just told me to trust Nikolai. They said that he was responsible for the biggest improvement in my dancing in five years and he is my pedagogue, so I should listen to him. It was difficult because I have a huge respect and love for the Mariinsky, most of my dearest teachers are former Mariinsky dancers and most of my best friends were accepting offers there.'

In a new academic year Academy accepted to the International Trainee program 21 students from Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, and Japan. 14 students are continuing their programs for the second year, 8 students are studying in the Academy for the third year and two boys - the fourth year in a row.

Окамото Сая (Япония) и Рауль Феррейра (Испания).
Raul Ferreira and Saya Okamoto (Japan).

Леа Томассон
Lea Thomasson and Oscar Frame.

Photos by V. Vasiliev and S. Avakuum.

The VBA invites to take part in the II International Conference ‘IT in the Arts’
The second international conference 'Information Technology in the arts' will take place on November 16-18, 2017, in the context of the 6th Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

Information Technology in the Arts - 2017

Our fine arts were developed; their types and uses were established, in times very different from the present, by men whose power of action upon things was insignificant in comparison with ours. But the amazing growth of our techniques, the adaptability and precision they have attained, the ideas and habits they are creating, make it a certainty that profound changes are impending in the ancient craft of the Beautiful. In all the arts there is a physical component which cannot be considered or treated as it used to be, which cannot remain unaffected by our modern knowledge and power. In the last twenty years, neither matter nor space nor time has been what it was from time immemorial. We must expect innovations to transform the entire technique of the arts thereby affecting artistic invention itself and perhaps even bringing about an amazing change in our very notion of art. (Paul Valéry [« The Conquest of Ubiquity », 1928])

Not only has Information Technology (IT) been increasingly applied to our current lifestyle – it has actually become our way of living. The arts, as reflecting new processes and movements, inevitably react to recent changes. In what ways does innovation change the art forms we know and are used to? How naturally does IT find its way into our lives? What are the elements felt to be genuinely progressive, and what can we simply not take on, no matter what the circumstances?

These questions will be addressed at the international conference 'Information Technology in the arts' which will take place on November 16-18, 2017, in the context of the 6th Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum. It is organized by the Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Saint-Petersburg State University. The conference will deals with issues related to IT as applied to contemporary art forms, danceand teaching, with six different panels: IT and cultural industries; film and multimedia; IT in music and in contemporary composition; contemporary choreography and performance art; IT and teaching; and a round table will focus on transhumanism in culture and the arts. The main themes dealt with will be the following: IT in film, contemporary dance and multimedia; surround sound; virtual reality; interactivity; contemporary music; new sound space; computer-based compositions; new composition techniques; electroacoustic music; digital performance; experimental art; IT as applied to teaching creative disciplines; distance teaching; virtual education; IT in cultural industries.

Papers can be given in English, French or Russian.

Proposals must be submitted as a Word file (.doc), and must include the following:
– full name;
– country and institution;
– e-mail address;
– Title of paper;
– abstract (no more than 350 words).

Abstracts should include all the information necessary to allow the Programme Committee to assess both the originality of the argument and of the proposal and its potential as a conference paper. Following acceptance, abstracts can be changed in view of their publication in the conference programme.

Proposals should be submitted as attachments by email to by September 30, 2017.

Everyone submitting a proposal will be sent a confirmation email; if this has not been received within five days, please send the proposal once again.

All those who have submitted a proposal will be notified of its acceptance or rejection by October 10, 2017.

Travel and living expenses are at the cost of the participants (both speakers and attenders).

British magazine 'Dancing Times' about the Vaganova Ballet Academy graduation performances
'Dancing times' published an article about the Vaganova Ballet Academy graduation performances at the Mariinsky Theatre by Igor Stupnikov in its September issue.

'Dancing times' published an article about the Vaganova Ballet Academy graduation performances at the Mariinsky Theatre by Igor Stupnikov in its September issue.

Dancing Times, 9.2017


The Academy was awarded Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan’s Certificate of Merit

On the Day of Knowledge, the 1st of September, a Consul-General of Japan in Saint Petersburg, Mr. Masanori Fukushima, visited the celebration ceremony in Vaganova Ballet Academy. He handed the Certificate “for rendering assistance on the development of relations between Japan and Russian Federation in the cultural field” over to the Principal of the Academy, Nikolay Maksimovich Tsiskaridze.

Vaganova Ballet Academy is actively cooperating with Japan accepting Japanese trainees to the International Trainee Program, including following the auditions, which held each year from 1995 together with the Tochigi Prefecture. At this year about twenty Japanese students study among the 400 students of the Academy.

How notes in the General Consulate of Japan in Saint Petersburg, Academy is contributing to cooperation and friendship between Japan and Russia in the field of ballet and upgrading the skills of Japanese ballet artists through the educational activities.

Вручение грамоты


Celebratory start of the 2017-2018 academic year of the Academy

On the 1st of September, the First Bell was rung in the Vaganova Ballet Academy for new students, who will start study at this year. Principal Nikolay Tsiskaridze and Artistic director Zhanna Ayupova welcomed guests in the Academy’s yard near the Ulanova sculpture. As senior students of the graduate class Maria Khoreva and Petr Attikov performed by a speech to the first-graders.

The right to give the first bell to start the new academic year was entrusted to a student of the graduate class Aleksandr Volodin and one of the new students.

First-graders get acquainted with the building of the Academy and its history. In the Day of Knowledge for students of the Academy was held a lesson of ecology “An amazing greenhouse or floral motifs on the ballet stage”.

In this year to the level 1 of the Vaganova Ballet Academy was accepted 80 students, 70 of them will study in Saint Petersburg, 10 - in the branch of the Academy in Vladivostok. Also to the middle and high levels of the Academy was successfully passed an audition 14 students. 20 students from different countries all around the world start to study as an International Trainees as well, they join to 25 students, which continue their programs for the second, third and even fourth year in a row.

Торжественная линейка

Н.М. Цискаридзе

Ж.И. Аюпова

Студентка М.Хорева

Воспитанник Академии

Студент А. Володин с первоклассницей

Новый учебный год начинается

Первоклассницы в музее Академии

Photos by V. Vasiliev.


Nikolay Tsiskaridze told about the participation of the Academy in the “Russian seasons” in Japan
On the 16th of July on press-breakfast Nikolay Tsiskaridze told about Vaganova Ballet Academy participation in the international project of the Ministry of culture of Russian Federation “Russian seasons”, which was started on the 4th of June.

On the 16th of July on press-breakfast Nikolay Tsiskaridze told about Vaganova Ballet Academy participation in the international project of the Ministry of culture of Russian Federation “Russian seasons”, which was started on the 4th of June.

Н.Цискаридзе - пресс-завтрак проекта "Русские сезоны"

Vaganova Ballet Academy is well-known in Japan, where every year teachers of the Academy give master-classes and there at the last year tour of the Academy with the ballet “Nutcracker” was held with a big success. And furthermore, the Academy always has a lot of students from Japan on the International Trainee Program.

“Japanese people very love a classical ballet and they have a lot of choreographic schools in Japan. It is common knowledge. But at the last times quality of Japanese students changed a lot, at the time, when I have been seeing Japan, they became taller, and very talented to ballet children grew up”, - told Nikolay Maksimovich

At the time of festival “Russian seasons”, which is taking place in Japan now, teachers will give a master-classes again, how Principal of the Academy informed us. Master-classes will take place in different cities (Tokyo, Nara, Osaka) from 13th of July till 27th of August. In a trainee program of events will participate teachers: professor of classical and pas-de-deux dance department L.V.Kovaleva, teachers of classical and pas-de-deux dance department A.V.Ilin, T.V.Solomyanko, M.A.Gribanova, G.P.Bashlovkina, assistant professors of character, historical, modern dance and acting skills department A.A.Stepin and V.A.Sirotin; teacher of character, historical, modern dance and acting skills department L.G.Postigeva. One of the master-classes will be given by Nikolay Tsiskaridze (19th of July): “I will teach the class. There will be ballet artists, Japanese children and our children, as a public there will be management of theatres and teachers with different qualifications”.

In addition, students of the Academy will perform a suite from Josef Bayer ballet “Fairy doll” on Gala in New Tokyo theatre on the 22nd of July.

The photo was provided by organizing committee of “Russian seasons” project.

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